LVS Deployment

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This page is a good complement of the LVS Deployment page on the LVS web site.

Please add your LVS deployment here, and please include details about your cluster hardware and size if applicable.

Site Description LVS Notes Siemens clusterized proxy farms using LVS/DR/UltraMonkey3, see the article Building clusterized proxy farms using LVS for more information. Loyalty Pacific Clustered LVS web hosting using RHEL with Piranha. It is ad system of put in internet Clustered LVS web hosting using RH AS 3 with Piranha.
Wikimedia Wikimedia server system Wikipedia and other wikimedia systems use LVS load balancers

Wikimedia's (Cache) Network Drupal web site The future Drupal server infrastructure Clubic websites LVS Cluster with tens of Linux Apache servers